Supported Exchanges


Hosting Included

Your subscription includes the hosting and management of a dedicated server to run your bot so you can expect the best response times and overall performance. All without having the hassle of managing a server yourself.

Highly Configurable

Apex provides over 100 technical indicators including candle patterns which can run on their own timeframes. Indicators can be combined to create 'Hybrids' as well as run on their own timeframes within the same strategy.

Built in Automation

Automation allows you to configure your bot to handle different market conditions. e.g. Change strategy, Top up on BNB for trading fees and many more.

No hidden fees or Restrictions

All our packages have a fixed price with no restrictions on trade volume or performance. There is no charge on percentage of profit

Reverse Trading

Apex can be configured to get out of a losing position and re-enter it at a lower price, skipping some of the losses when the market goes against you.


Manage Buy and Sell signals from external signal providers or directly from your Trading View account.


Apex Trading Dashboard

  • Detailed Performance Stats.
  • Clone Community Shared Strategies.
  • Manually Buy and Sell Positions.
  • Integrated Trading View Charts.
  • Create Coin Specific Configurations.
  • Automated Coin Selection provided by Trading View

Choose your Package

All new users receive a 7 day trial on their first bot (No payment required)

Apex (Spot)

Trading Bot for spot exchanges
  • Maximum Investment
£30 Per Month

Mako - (Margin)

Market Making/Scalping bot for ByBit
  • Maximum Investment
£60 Per Month


If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is Apex Trader?

Apex Trader is a Cryptocurrency trading bot that offers everything you need to make your trading automated.

What Cryptocurrencies can I trade?

You can trade any coin that is available on exchanges supported by Apex Trader.

What payment methods do you support?

We support PayPal payments and Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC & USDC)