Packed With Awesome Features

To better understand Apex's offering check out the features under each tab.

Highly Configurable

Apex allows you to tune and configure your bot to behave just like you want it, all within a simple user interface.

Hosting Included

With your bot being hosted on your own VPS you can expect the quickest response times and best performance!

Safety Net

Apex ensures there is always a pending sell order to protect your investment.

Community Driven

We allow our users help drive our development teams focus.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Apex provides support to apply DCA strategies to positions.

Realtime Trigger

Apex's trigger system allows you to change the bots behaviour in realtime based on the performance of a coin.

Technical Analysis Indicators

Apex provides you with a comprehensive set of Technical Analysis indicators. 9 Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Stoch, Stoch RSI, CCI, MACD, VWAP

Indicator Detectors

Detectors allow fine grain control of what an indicator should look for to emit a buy or sell signal. Do you want to buy when RSI is now crossing over your oversold threshold?

Multiple Candle Sizes

Each indicator you add to your strategy can be run on a chosen candle size. For example you can run multiple Bollinger Bands over the 30m and 1h candle and have different deviation configuration.

Sell on TA

Apex allows you to use a different set of indicators and configuration to signal sells.

Trailing Stop Loss

Never sell early, Apex will follow price as high as it can and sells when it hits a drop.

Trailing Buy

Much the same to Trailing Stop Loss, Trailing Buy will follow price down before buying on the next significant rise.

Bot Pricing

All new users receive a 7 Day free trial on their first Apex Bot (No payment required)


30 Days Access

Realtime Trading Bot

Unlimited Strategies

75 Positions