Trading Tools

75 Active Positions

Apex will track a maximum of 75 active positions at any one time.

No restrictions on coin selection

You can choose as many coins as you want providing they are from the same base coin


Your bot has a direct connection to the exchange providing you with upto date information regarding your positions.

Test Mode

Switch your bot into test mode to paper trade and test a new strategy

Unlimited Strategies

Create and store as many strategies as you want. You can then switch strategies within a few seconds on any running bot or use automation to do it for you.

100+ Indicators

Apex provides a comprehensive set of Technical Analysis indicators which can be customised and run on multiple timeframes

Strategy Groups and Signals

Within a strategy you can setup multiple buy and sell groups which consists of any number of indicators and signals

Take Profit Targets

Apex provides 3 profit taking options:

  • Percent profit: Set a percentage from the initial purchase price.
  • Trailing stop loss: Follow a price upwards and only sell once it starts to decline.
  • Dynamic Profit Taking: Apex can scan recent market movements and provide a custom Percent profit target.
  • Sell on Technical Analysis: Build a custom sell strategy using any combination of indicators and timeframes.

Coin Specific Configuration

You can setup specific coin configurations ranging from Buy/Sell, Auto DCA and Auto Reverse Trading.


Automation provides you with tools to handle changing market conditions or automate routine manual tasks.

Automation rules come in 3 forms (Strategy based, Time interval and Time Range) these can attach as many of the following actions:

  • Enable/Disable buying & selling.
  • Enable/Disable auto dollar cost averaging.
  • Enable/Disable auto reverse trading.
  • Panic sell all positions
  • Panic sell all positions and convert to a tether currency
  • Convert tether currency into a base currency
  • Switch strategy
  • Switch strategy based on positions age
  • Close position based on age
  • Replenish BNB

A common use case for Automation is to ensure the account always has enough BNB to pay for trading fees.

To do this you would use a Time Interval Rule in conjunction with the BNB rebuy action to check your accounts BNB balance every 30 minutes and top up if necessary.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Costing Averaging is a technique used to spread the cost of an asset, effectively averaging out the cost that you have bought an asset at. It can also be very useful when a position has slipped into the red.

Apex provides a manual and automated version of this process.

Reverse Trading

Auto Reverse Trading is the act of trading 'in reverse'. This allows you to sell a coin that you have purchased and is now dropping in value to buy back at a lower price to then sell for profit.


Connect Apex to your preferred signal providers or send alerts directly from trading view.

Support & Community

We provide Email via our ZenDesk support desk as well as Live chat support through our Discord channel to help solve any problems that you may face.

Our Discord channel is one of the most active bot trading communities, users freely share tips and tricks and strategies which can be found in the Strategy Center.